April 2021 Events

Uncategorized / Saturday, May 8th, 2021

In April 2021, the chapter was pleased to enter its high school student winner of the SAR’s Joseph S. Rumbaugh historical oration contest in the state-wide competition, along with winners at other SAR chapters in Virginia.  Due to pandemic restrictions this year, orations were recorded rather than presented in person to the judges.  At the end of April, we learned that our chapter’s winner placed second in Virginia!

Also in April 2021, chapter representatives were active at the following activities (via remote connectivity):

  • 5 SAR website recorded interview with David O. Stewart on his new biography of George Washington (see minute 32:10 at this url: https://www.sar.org/2021/04/05/speaking-out-about-history-author-conversations-with-david-o-stewart/)
  • 8 Virginia SAR President’s speaker series, on public service initiatives
  • 11 Anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday
  • 12 Anniversary of the Halifax Resolves
  • 17 Remembrance of General Stevens in Culpeper, VA
  • 18 Patriot’s Day commemoration
  • 24 Anniversary of James Monroe’s birthday

Each year, only at most half a dozen individuals receive the SAR’s highest honor, the Minuteman Award – for more information, please see https://www.sar.org/2020/09/04/friday-faq-what-is-the-minuteman-award/.  This year, Pete Davenport of our chapter has been selected to receive this award – congratulations Pete!  He will receive it at the SAR Annual Congress this summer.