SAR Magazine Online

Announcements / Monday, October 1st, 2018

The following is presented from the National Society, for your information.

In early 2017, the SAR Genealogical Research Library embarked upon a digitization project of the SAR Magazine. This project had been a goal for many years, as the library receives many requests for research based on information that can be found in the magazines. The SAR Magazine, which has been around since 1906, contains much institutional and historical information about the Society.  

The Library Committee contracted with The Data Vault to digitize all volumes of the magazine. Last year, all volumes of the magazines were taken to their facilities and scanned into searchable PDF files.  The Library Committee is pleased to announce the completion of this project. We now have on-line access and search capability throughout the entire magazine achieve for the years 1906 through 2017. Access is available through the SAR website ( A link is located on the SAR Magazine page ( Instructions are posted to guide you through the log-in process to access the on-line database.

All issues of the SAR Magazine are also available in ShareFile. These are in the Members folder under the SAR Magazine sub-folder. Individual issues are separated into five smaller groups identified by date published to enable a more efficient targeting of specific issues. Please note when accessing via ShareFile, that although all issues are available, the search function is limited to each issue individually.   

In addition to the SAR Magazine achieve, we have included to the ShareFile folders the recently acquired precursor to the SAR Magazine – The Spirit of ’76.  This publication, which was circulated 1894-1906. With this inclusion, we have a complete record of SAR activities from the early years through today.

In summary, there are now three way that you can access the SAR Magazine:

  1. Searchable database across all issues of the magazine via the new DataVault (note, this does not include The Spirit of ’76.)
  2. ShareFile (includes individual PDFs of each SAR Magazine as well as The Spirit of ’76.)
  3. epub issues – these are accessed via a link to Vested Interest Publications, Inc. (this includes all of the “current” issues starting with Spring 2012) 

We hope that you will take an opportunity to look over these historical magazines and utilize these resources for research and/or for pleasure.