New Interactive American Revolution Timeline

Announcements / Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

If you mouse over “History” in the main menu above, and click “Revolution Timeline,” you’ll see our new interactive American Revolution Timeline!

We’ve included major campaigns and battles, significant events around alliances and the new government, instances of the heroism of women in the Revolution, and acts of tyranny that spurred on the Colonists to revolt against the Crown, and the acts of independence and revolution that stemmed from them.

A sample image of the new interactive timeline at

It’s a dynamic, and easy-to-update platform that will allow us to help advance the Education mission of the SAR, by providing a teaching and learning tool, as well as an exploration vehicle.

If you have any additional information you feel is important to add – either new events, or information or articles about an existing event you’d like linked, or perhaps your Compatriot ancestor was engaged in one of these events and we can cite them by name! – just contact the Webmaster, Keith Reeves, at [email protected].