Patriot Ancestor: Hilary Brinson

Patriot Ancestor / Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Hilary Brinson                    SAR Patriot # P-121315

Hilary Brinson was living in Onslow County, North Carolina at the beginning of the Revolution.  Early in the war, about 1777, he first volunteered in the militia in that County under the command of Capt. John Boston and Lt. Solomon Ward.  In his first period of service the militia marched to Wilmington, N.C. and stayed there three months, seeing no action, until their service ended and he returned home.  About three months after his return home he was drafted for three months under the command of Capt. Ephraim Battle and perhaps Col. Ward.  His unit was sent to Lockhart’s Folly & Brunswick, but did not remain there long and went to Wilmington, again returning home at the end of his service.  He served a third time, for nearly a year, under the command of Captain O’Nell, probably in the 4th North Carolina Regiment.  His unit joined troops from the North at Roanoke River, before marching under Col. Armstrong to join Gen. Benjamin Lincoln’s forces at Purrysburg, S.C. on the Savannah River.  After staying some time at Purrysburg the unit fought at the battle of Stono Ferry, S.C. in June 1779.   Shortly after that battle his unit was discharged and returned home.  “We had during our various services several skirmishes, but no regular fight except at Stono.”

Brinson was born in Onslow County, N.C. in April 1758.  He was living in Onslow when called into service, and moved to Duplin County, N.C. in the mid or late 1780s. 

He married his wife Elizabeth on August 15, 1782.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Moses and Piety Barfield, born October 15 or 30, 1759.  They had the following children:

Lot born February 15, 1782

Sarah born September 6, 1783

John born February 10, 1785

Matthew born June 22, 1786

Ann born January 29, 1788

Moses born November 10, 1789

Hillary born May 5, 1791

Elizabeth born January 30, 1793

Martin born May 25, 1795

Kissiah born November 14, 1797

Mary born May 6, 1799

Isaac born January 16, 1801

He died February 27, 1834.


Pension application of Hilary Brinson W5231, State of North Carolina Duplin County: Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions February Term A.D. 1833

Pension Number S5231

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